Digitisation & Automation Service

TEAMProjekt uses digitisation and automation to design advanced units!

Innovation shapes the business. TEAMProjekt always takes a look at the numerous use cases, not only during the planning stage but also during the operation of our units and business processes. Digitisation and automation are essential for the optimisation of processes. We are solution-oriented in every respect!

Everything at a Glance – with Digital Images 

TEAMProjekt enables you to be up to date regarding performance, quality and progress of the areas and processes entrusted to us. Developed by us, the platform TPOWebData© allows to collect data, to map processes, to generate analyses, to send status reports, to automate invoicing, to connect other systems and much, much more. TEAMProjekt provides you with interfaces or cloud-based solutions upon request. We would be happy to design smart digital solutions for you within the context of agile software engineering processes.

Systematic Automation

Movable or immovable – we offer different operational models depending on the degree of automation and investment volume. Benefit from our flexible and modular solutions which we have already implemented for numerous customers and integrated in their process landscapes. We are able to automate manual subprocesses or even entire production and logistics areas. TEAMProjekt sorts things out whether you want to increase the production, lower the costs, improve your product or make the processes safer.

Innovation in
digitisation and automation!

Best Practice

One of our customers had the requirement to be informed on the status and progress of the processes carried out by TEAMProjekt and to retrieve process and order data from the cloud at any point in time. This was the impulse to develop an open and adaptable platform – TPOWebData©.  

We facilitate more potential by means of transparency and data availability using: 

  • Electronic collection of operational data 
  • Up-to-date process and order information 
  • Process Visualizations 
  • Interfaces to integrate other systems 
  • Automated Billing 
  • Data evaluation with business intelligence tools 
  • Agile implementation of customized requirements 
  • Cloud services 

Cooperation Partners 

Automation Services for the integration of our operations models into your value chain require expertise, professionalism and quality. For a successful implementation, TEAMProjekt cooperates with experts in the field of mechanical engineering and robotics. We also have an integrator network. We carry out current feasibility studies and develop flexible automation solutions together with public-sector research institutes and universities.  


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