Have you ever considered the following questions?

Outsourcing – is it also possible in-house?

What does in-house outsourcing with TEAMProjekt stand for? Quite simply: We take over a process from you on our responsibility without you losing sight of it – for it will take place on your premises with our staff and with the required equipment, such as industrial trucks. These processes, also called subsections, will be managed by our experienced operations managers. For example, we may take on your factory logistics or parts of it, one of your warehouses or parts of your production-related processes which are not part of your core business. We will plan it together with you beforehand, meeting all technical and legal requirements.

In terms of in-house outsourcing don’t we talk about temporary employment?

No – in contrast to temporary employment we owe you performance and not an employee for hire. The performance will be precisely defined and separated from your business organization. We will render the performance independently and with our own personnel which will be supervised by our operations management.

What advantages do I have?

TEAMProjekt is a technically competent partner for taking over processes and business areas and you will only pay for the rendered performance. Furthermore, you avoid labor costs and have a right to the success of the performance.

Why should I think about outsourcing now?

The advantages are obvious. You have probably already heard that the amendments to the German Temporary Employment Act (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz (AÜG)) enter into force as from 1st April 2017. The limitation of the temporary employment duration to 18 months as well as equal pay after 9 months are only a few of the important changes resulting in high levels of bureaucracy for you as well as in disturbances in operation, in particular if temporary workers are needed for more that 18 months. Possibly, you also have to take costs into consideration that cannot be related one-to-one to the performance during temporary employment.

If you outsource processes in which temporary workers are employed amongst others – TEAMProjekt will assist you in a flexible way, you will save yourself temporary employment and you will be able to use the existing staff for your relevant core processes.

Apart from that: You can also outsource administrative processes in the office and at the reception areas. We offer a customized service portfolio.

Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you!

New for You: Document Management

From paper handling to digitization. TEAMProjekt supports or takes over document management processes to suit your requirements.

Whether your documents need to be stored, digitized or managed – we offer the appropriate solution. Let us unburden you – please find more detailed information here.


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