Digital Transformation and Smart Services Provided by TEAMProjekt

As partner of notable clients, we take over work sections and business processes in industry and administration. Digitization plays a major role for us during the planning stage and operation of our work sections, allowing us to offer considerable excess value and competitive advantages to our customers.

Based on our experience from numerous user cases in our daily work for our customers and in our work sections, we have developed smart digital solutions within the context of agile software-engineering procedures. These solutions result in higher efficiency, transparency and new business models.

Please assume – for example in case of a cooperation – that we would provide you with a digital image of our services!
You would always be informed of performance, quality and progress of the areas and processes of which we are in charge.

TEAMProjekt makes it possible!

We could, for instance, collect data for you, map processes, generate assessments, send status reports, automate accounting processes, integrate other systems and much more using our new platform TPOWebData©. The possibilities depend on your user case.

Please contact us for more information!

We create progressive work sections!
TEAMProjekt Outsourcing GmbH

TEAMProjekt Outsourcing has been added to the Hessen’s Prequalification Register Program

The Prequalification certifies, that TPO, a reliable, competent and efficient Company is for Public Contracts.  That is our incentive for the Service we offer in the Area of Production, Logistic, Quality and Administration Departments. We offer Public Contractors and Companies, at their demands; optimal Solutions for their requirments. With the new Prequalification, are we able to offer assistance in the Administration Branch.  We specialize in Reception, Mailroom Services, and other Administrative Aspects.

Further Information can be found here:

HPQR Certificate


ISO 9001:2015 – New and Positive Input for TEAMProjekt

The revision of the ISO 9001 gave TEAMProjekt new and positive input to adjust and modernize their management system. According to the motto “TEAMProjekt´s sustainable Quality Management” the cuurent quality management system was adjusted to fit the new requirements. To achieve this TEAMProjekt underwent a transfer audit by the DQS (German Society for Quality) and was certified as an industrial outsourcing partner under ISO 9001:2015. According to manager Christian Besier the revision has set the course for a sustainable quality management system, which will be continually improved through new experience and requirements.



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